(s.v. scarpetta):
“Collect the sauce left on the plate by passing a piece of bread stuck in the fork, or most commonly held between the fingers.”

The Scarpetta is a popular but also universal gesture, someone might consider it not very classy, wisest people think it is an essential ritual. This project, designed with Astrid Luglio, was born on a full stomach at the end of a simple but tasty meal, so delicious to not have time to take a picture of it, only a few tasty leftovers remain on the plate to make the scarpetta (bread-dipping) with.

This female collaboration, consolidated over the years through different experiences and projects made together, has creates this ever-changing collection, in which the object becomes the pretext for conveying fantastic stories of the Italian food culture.

  • Personal Project
  • Astrid Luglio
  • Product Design
  • 2020
  • Camere Olfattive