Eyza Olive Oil by The O Collection

The “O Collection” is a tribute to the olive tree, one of the oldest trees known for its healing qualities.
The first chapter in the story of “The O Collection” begins with Eyza, an extra virgin olive oil extracted from Memecik olive trees in the Cezairli olive groves of Milas, Turkey. This high-quality olive oil is obtained from an early harvest and cold-pressed, using ancient pressing techniques.

May and Cana, owners of this brand, truly believe that the consumption of extra virgin olive oil should become a key component of a healthy lifestyle, ranging from food and cooking to beauty and health.

  • The O Collection
  • Studio Diffuso: Federica Casella, Anna Magni, Astrid Luglio
  • Brand Identity, Packaging, Web Design
  • 2022
  • Scarpetta Plate Design